Terms and Conditions

First Aid Medic provides qualified, registered and vetted trainers and assessors. Each trainer has been validated through Ofqual Registration Centre Qualsafe Ltd. First Aid Medic aims are to provide high quality first aid training in accordance to HSE regulations.

All prices for First Aid Medic courses are publicised on our website and are regularly updated. Each course will adhere to HSE specifications and will hold a maximum of 12 delegates per tutor.

A contract for First Aid Medic to supply the required will only be created when we receive and confirm your booking. The contractual price at the time of the booking will be the price owing unless stated and agreed otherwise.

Due to fluctuating market values the prices quoted may vary. First Aid Medic reserves the rights to alter these prices on the website in accordance to the market area.

Bookings will be created either by telephone or online and confirmed with a nominated deposit of 10% – 25% of the course fees. (The more expensive the course the less the percentage of deposit is required). This can be made payable online by Bank Transfer or PayPal or made payable by cheque.

Final invoices for each course, stating course details and amounts, less deposit will be raised and the final balance to be settled within 7 workings days. This can be settled by BACs Transfer/PayPal or cheque. We apologise First Aid Medic is not currently in a position to accept credit cards. Defaulting on payments, First Aid Medic reserves the right to withhold the delegate’s certificates and registration until these invoices are settled in full.

In certain circumstances, monies owed will be pursued through the legal process, which could incur additional charges that could work out to be more expensive.

Delegates should arrive in good time for each course. Minor late discrepancies may be tolerated, however, if the delegate is later than 30 minutes, or if the delegate fails to turn up, this will be treated as a short notice cancellation. HSE has strict timing regulations to qualify and get certificated.

Each client requiring onsite training must provide facilities in accordance to the HSE regulations stipulated in www.qualsfe.com/HSE Policy, this means having safe access, means of escape in times of crisis, adequate toileting facilities, adequate lighting and heating. If the client is unable to meet or comply with, or is unable to resolve these regulations, First Aid Medic reserves the right to cancel the course, thus treating this as a short notice cancellation.

First Aid Medic reserves the right to postpone any course, due to mitigating circumstances. Where possible as much notice will be given to the client and fully deposits will be refunded.

Alternative dates will be offered to the clients to help rectify this inconvenience.

If a client wishes to cancel a particular course notice has to be given greater than 2 weeks (or more than 14 days), then a full refund of the deposit will be given. Courses cancelled at short notice, (less than 14 days), late attendance or failure to attend, First Aid Medic reserves the right to retain all deposits paid.

Certificates and registration will be issued to each delegate on full attendance and successful completion of each course, and on full payment on monies owed. First Aid Medic reserves the rights to withhold any certificate and registration, on failure of final payment or until or monies owed are paid.

First Aid Medic shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury of any kind to the client/delegate/or third party by act, or default or omission except in solar liability which can be excluded by law.

First Aid Medic reserves the rights to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notification. These Terms and conditions are governed by the Laws of the Land.